Are all gum diseases the same?


One of the things we find time and time again is that dental professionals put several conditions in the same “wrapper” such as “gum disease”.

It’s for the sake of ease, but it is horribly misleading. So we’re sorry on behalf of the profession!

If a dentist says you have “gum disease” ask them what they mean. This is not a diagnosis.

They probably mean you have gingivitis or periodontitis (which is sometimes known as periodontal disease).

When gum inflammation is reversible, we term this gingivitis. Search our Knowledge Bank for more details here. Not all people with gingivitis will progress to periodontitis, but it is possible.

When irreversible harm has happened (bone loss around the tooth/ teeth themselves) this is periodontitis or periodontal disease. The harm which has already been done can not be undone. BUT the process can be halted. A better description of periodontitis is here. Rest assured that not all people with periodontitis will lose their teeth.

Still not sure?

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