Are interdental brushes like TePe Brushes the best ones to use? Or floss?


It depends what for. And how excellent you are with your ability to use them effectively?

The aim of cleaning between your teeth is to remove the plaque bacteria which builds up in the most difficult to reach areas (around 40% of it is in-between your teeth!).

Floss should ‘click’ between your teeth and bend to slide down the teeth surfaces both sides of the triangular gum papilla. So it takes time and dexterity. It is not used like a saw or like cheese wire!

Interdental brushes should be the correct sizes to fit snugly when placed between your teeth. They touch the teeth surfaces either side of the gap to clean them. If it falls out when you stop holding it, it is too narrow. If it needs forcing in between, it is probably too wide. You might need 3, 4 or even 6 different sizes for various spaces in your mouth. Customised advice from a Dental Hygienist without hurry is important.

There’s a method which is even more easy to guide around your mouth, and which reaches INTO your gum pockets (this is where the nasty breeding ground of bacteria is living, which is what triggers your gum disease or periodontal disease).

It’s called a Gum Pocket Brush.

Still not sure?

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