Can children get periodontal disease?


To be clear, some dental professionals can be a little lax with terminology. If you have heard the word “periodontal disease” be sure to clarify if that means gingivitis or periodontitis. Both are technically types of “periodontal disease”!

Gingivitis is sometimes found in children and adolescents. Usually it is because of inadequate oral hygiene (insufficient or infrequent!) which causes red, swollen, bleeding gums or bad breath. Thankfully, the condition is reversible with some professional care and lots of TLC and encouragement with the correct Daily Self-Performed Care at home.

Periodontitis is rarely found in children, but is possible in adolescents, especially when there is a family history. Genetics and racial background can play a role in the early development of periodontal disease, and the condition can be fast-paced.

It is essential to seek advice from a dentist who can refer to a Periodontal specialist if you have any suspicions that your child (or the child you are a guardian of) is affected.

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