Does teeth straightening orthodontics like Invisalign cause Periodontal Disease?


There’s plenty of misinformation out there so let’s set a few things straight.

Clear aligner treatment (such as Invisalign – beware, this is just a brand name, one of many different types and designs, all with pros and cons) and traditional braces are types of orthodontic treatment.

With correct preventative care and provided by clinicians with experience, neither cause periodontal disease.

With incorrect or insufficient daily self-performed care, both can cause accumulation of plaque around teeth, in between teeth and around the gum collar where gum inflammation can become triggered.

Neither are safe to provide where gum inflammation is active. Usually this is assessed by bleeding when checking the periodontal pockets around each tooth.

If planned or provided incorrectly, both can leave teeth outside of their safe bony envelope which increases the risk of gum recession, teeth sensitivity and thinner gum foundations which are more fragile and prone to PD. Increased risk of teeth looseness may happen.

If provided well, both can leave you with teeth which are EASIER to maintain once overcrowding is resolved and the gum papillae between your teeth can recover.

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