Does Waterpik work? I heard it cleans like a water flosser?


Yes and no.

Water flossers haven’t been around for long enough to know how effective they are at plaque removal, particularly in your 5, 6, 7+ millimeter gum pockets, 360 degrees around every awkward-shaped tooth in your mouth.

And just like regular floss and interdental brushes, it depends on how the person who owns it and how they use it.

Scrubbing your teeth like the Incredible Hulk might seem like a great method and your teeth might “feel clean” but this does not mean it is effective, right? The same goes for water flossers.

One tried and tested method that does work is mechanically cleaning every root surface and every gum pocket, no matter the shape and depth of the pocket. For this you need a Gum Pocket Brush.

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