I due for a dreaded scale and polish. I find it excruciating. Can I be numbed?


So sorry that you have had such bad experiences in the past. It’s easy for us to say, but so many previous patients tell us the same thing.

Progressively, they realise they have been going to dental offices which are more geared towards number of patients than taking their time to care and listen.

It could be that you should consider alternative professionals, or research how long other offices take for their Professional Hygiene visits?

If the sensation you dislike is sensitivity from your tooth roots, numbing can help. It’s because the waterjet used can be cold to the tooth surface, a bit like when you have a frozen ice lolly!

If the discomfort is from your gum tissue as it is so red and puffy, we have a better suggestion – better long term stabilisation of your condition (and much more comfort during Professional visits) happens when gum inflammation is under control. Did you know you can do that yourself at home if you know how?

Still not sure?

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