I had a gum cleaning not long ago, but there is definitely still brown and black on tooth root?


It’s great that you’re paying close attention and taking control of the condition.

One thing we know as a profession is that is it practically impossible to remove 100% of all tartar or calculus on all teeth. Numerous studies have shown this.

Did you know it’s actually the ‘toxin’ and plaque which invisibly lives on the calculus which is the trigger, not the calculus itself?

It sounds like as your gum inflammation could be settling (mostly due to what you are doing in your bathroom with your Daily Self-Performed Care) and swollen areas are calming. As this happens, the staining, calculus or deposits are being “revealed”. If the tooth has a metal crown it could also be this.

This might look unsightly or make you self-conscious, so we’re sure it’ll be taken care of at your next professional visit ☺️

Keep persevering, sounds like you could be winning the battle!

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