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I take care of my teeth well. Why do I have gum disease?


Sorry to hear that you have gum disease despite taking care of things well.

The truth is that plaque bacteria will accumulate in our mouths in some of the most difficult to reach areas.

Even 30 minutes after cleaning your teeth perfectly (which is nearly impossible, even for us!), the sticky invisible foundation of plaque is starting to build again.

So even over-crowded teeth or teeth with naturally difficult grooves in their root surfaces can build up nasty hidden bacteria all day and all night.

Plaque bacteria can become the trigger for gum disease, depending on your own unique susceptibility to the trigger.

Sadly some people have higher susceptibility to the condition than others. Genetics, your medical health, smoking/ vaping, nutrition, stress and several other factors all play a part.

But there is always hope! Rest assured, dental professionals can help you and the preference is always to keep your teeth rather than lose them.

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