If I have mobile teeth, does a deep cleaning make it worse or improve?


Sorry to hear that you’re suffering with loose teeth, it sounds like it has really affected you. Great to hear that you are taking control of your mouth, knowledge is essential to win this battle!

Professional care works hand-in-hand with your Daily Self-Performed Care (which you will discuss with your dentist/ Periodontist and Dental Hygienist as it is unique to you).

Sadly, your bone levels will never re-grow. However, assuming that you have periodontal disease and that the looseness of your teeth is due to bone shrinkage around your teeth, the aim of the treatment is to stop the amount of bone loss from worsening.

Then (and only then) treatments such as periodontal splinting or dental bridges can stabilise your teeth by sharing your biting and chewing forces between all of your teeth more evenly.

TDLR: Professional care (including “deep cleaning” or Root Surface Debridement) is an essential to prevent your bone foundations from continually shrinking, tighten the gum pockets around your teeth and preserve what nature gave you.

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