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If my gums bleed, is it definitely gum disease?


In a word – no!

“Definitely” is something that is impossible to say in healthcare without a thorough assessment.

Is it “likely”? – yes!

Either way, we recommend you visit a dental professional as a priority if you notice any sign of gum bleeding. You will be able to solve it faster with unique advice for yourself.

Other reasons for gum bleeding can be unrelated but just as important, if not moreso! Some conditions related to your mouth lining (such as Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica) can present with gum bleeding with a different appearance.

Although rare, we do also find that general medical conditions can be spotted sooner (than they otherwise are) if the causes of gum bleeding had been looked into sooner.

Some people with bleeding disorders, vitamin C deficiency or more serious conditions such as Leukaemia can appear with gum bleeding too.

Still not sure?

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