Is dental scaling dangerous? I heard it can cause heart problems!


Every time you brush your teeth, bacteria in your mouth are disrupted. (There are always billions of them, the mouth is worse than the gutter!)

They can enter the bloodstream when they are disrupted, especially if you have gum disease due to ulceration at the base of the unhealthy pocket. There is then a direct route from the mouth into the bloodstream.

The same thing happens when you have professional scaling and hygiene visits.

It happens for millions of people around the world every week with zero complications.

The time when it could cause a problem (although a VERY small risk) is if you have a history of bacterial endocarditis, prosthetic heart valves or other prostheses. These are heart conditions you will already know about if you have them.

In that case, discuss the risks (and methods to reduce the risk further) with your dentist/ periodontist and their team.

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