My bite has changed over the last few years. Would this have caused my gum problem?


A bite problem will not have caused your gum problem.

The trigger for gum disease is plaque bacteria that build up inside our mouths in the most difficult to reach areas.

Commonly, as the disease becomes more severe and the foundations around your teeth deteriorate, your teeth can drift position and the bite that you “feel” can change.

Is your sensation that one or more teeth bite prematurely?

Imagine a tent peg with deteriorating soil around it, which is being thumped thousands of times a day.

If you already had active periodontal disease, it is possible that uneven biting forces on your teeth could affect its future forecast. Your dentist/ Periodontist may have recommended treatments to address this.

However, it is worth noting that the most relevant studies done on the links between bite problems and gum health were in animal trials not in humans. Research is continually be done on the links.

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