My dentist said I have gum disease. But my gums don’t bleed or cause pain? I’m not sure who to trust!


We totally understand how you feel. Lots of our previous patients have felt the same way. So many of the symptoms and signs of periodontal diseases are silent until they become serious.

When we have taken the time to explain the condition carefully, what they have found is that inflamed gum pockets (measured gently around every tooth 360 degrees) are the only way to be sure if you have an active condition.

Gum disease is mostly painless.

Even if you have gum disease, your gums are unlikely to bleed spontaneously or feel sore or burn in any way.

Then even when you do brush, if you do not disrupt the bacteria at the depth of the pocket (this can be incredibly difficult to reach unless you have been shown the technique in your unique situation) it could still be that you notice no bleeding.

Meanwhile, the condition will be damaging the soft tissue and bone foundations that support your teeth. So even if you do not have loose teeth (yet), this can become noticeable within months or years.

Still not sure?

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