My dentist says they will do ‘scaling and root planing’. How often do I need it?


Scaling and Root Planing (although an old-fashioned term) generally means the “treatment” required with a dental professional… alongside your own Daily Self-Performed Care.

There may be several visits needed, sometimes in quick succession or at 4-weekly or 6-weekly intervals, depending on the method your dental office follows.

Once this and all factors contributing (such as smoking, medical health, stress, hormone changes) are managed and controlled, the aim is for the pockets around your teeth to tighten.

Beware gum attachment will always be fragile, especially in a person susceptible to gum disease. So once the disease is stabilised, 3-monthly supportive maintenance is essential. That is not the same as Root Planing and it is unlikely to need local anaesthetic numbing.

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