My gums look and feel healthy. How is it possible for me to have this disease?


One of the most troublesome things with periodontal disease is that it is often silent until it becomes serious.

Your gums could look completely healthy on the surface, but your gum health assessment with a dental professional is the only way to be sure if you have an active condition.

This includes:

  • Careful (and gentle) measurement of your gum pockets
  • Mapping which areas are inflamed
  • Measuring which areas have gum recession
  • Checking which teeth have loosened, and how much
  • Reviewing everything alongside detailed x-rays from the correct (parallel) angles

Leaving the condition untreated will mean the foundations around your teeth will deteriorate, your teeth could drift position, they could look “longer” and loosen.

Eventually, they could fall out altogether.

Some people have higher susceptibility to the condition than others. So genetics, your medical health, smoking/ vaping, nutrition, stress and several other factors all play a part.

Rest assured, dental professionals can help you and the preference is always to keep your teeth rather than lose them.

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