My Periodontist says I need gum surgery right away. Is this normal? So scared!


So sorry you’re scared, it’s completely normal to feel this way. Sounds like it is entirely new to you and you aren’t so familiar with your Periodontal specialist?

Done with magnification by a skilled Periodontist, gum treatments including surgery and gum grafting can cause little to no pain after treatment. Most people tell us that by following the correct advice and taking correct painkillers, it causes little discomfort or tenderness.

However, something that you could ask your Periodontist is whether there are other treatment options and methods to try before committing to surgery.

There is now significant evidence that taking things slowly with progressive non-surgery therapies like Root Surface Debridement (alongside you taking control of the condition with gold-medal standards of Daily Self-Performed Care) can give just as significant reduction in your gum pockets and make the result last longer as your daily care and motivation is totally on-point by that time.

Still not sure?

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