Should I get a second opinion?


In healthcare there will always be conflicting opinions. You are a human, not a machine. And so are the people caring for you and your oral health.

If you ever have a doubt that the gum diagnosis, advice or explanation you have been given doesn’t sound right to you, there is never harm in seeking a second (or third or more) opinion.

The truth is that gum problems can progress in a silent way… slowly… chronically progressing for decades. So it is sometimes the case that somebody suffering with it doesn’t know about it.

For that reason, feeling that you can trust the dental office or Periodontist you visit is essential. Nobody ever wants to feel cheated or misled, so reassuring yourself that treatment is necessary is an excellent first step. It’s 1000 times better than burying your head in the sand!

Getting consistent advice and explanations from that professional and their team matters. In fact, studies prove that the better rapport and relationship you have with those people, the better (and more long lasting) the treatment results are. This is because its success often depends on your motivation and ownership of your Daily Self-Performed Care.

Still not sure?

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