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What can I do to make sure I’m doing the right things at home?


A simple, cheap and regular check you can do at home is to use a Plaque Disclosing Tablet.

Carefully follow your Daily Self-Performed Care routine, then chew it around your teeth. It will highlight all remaining plaque in purple. Then use the correct oral hygiene aids to remove it!

If less than 20% of the gum in your mouth was purple, it gives you good clue that you are being thorough.

Tip: protecting your lips with Vaseline beforehand will reduce your risk of them becoming purple too!

The only way to be sure your condition is resolving is for the team you visit to do the correct gum health assessment(s) at the correct time after treatment. They will be able to visualise the areas you cannot at home.

One of the most important aims is to reduce the percentage of pockets in your mouth which are inflamed (bleeding) to below 10%.

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