What is a gum pocket? Why does it matter?


A lot of people do not realise that there is not a perfect cuff between your gums and teeth.

Soft gum does not perfectly attach to our teeth, so there is a natural pocket (imagine a natural trough of 1-3mm around every single tooth including in between them). Sometimes we call it a ‘sulcus’ instead – different word, same meaning.

Ultimately, the gum pocket is where the plaque bacteria do the most harm.

They can cause direct damage to the gum connection around the teeth by producing enzymes, acids and toxins, at the base of the pocket.

Once periodontitis (a type of gum disease) takes hold, bone around your teeth begins to be ‘resorbed’ (shrinks away) irreversibly.

If you would like your teeth to out-live you, this irreversible process could quickly become a severe problem.

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