Which x-rays do I need and which are the best ones?


We’d recommend you leave that decision to the professionals taking care of you and diagnosing (or reviewing) the nature of your condition.

In-mouth x-rays are favoured and the more perfectly parallel to your teeth they are, the better. However, various factors including limited space in your mouth can make that difficult.

The need for x-rays is to be able to assess the type and amount of bone loss (if any) in relation to the lengths of the roots of your teeth. This means we can assess it as a percentage and help you make safe decisions about the future forecast of your gum health.

Sometimes a panoramic x-ray is helpful but due to the way this image is gathered and processed, it can distort or sometimes mask the true nature of your bone levels.

This is why all x-rays need professional interpretation, and they are only one part of a full gum health assessment.

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