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Will my gum disease be cured?


Gum disease encompasses gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is reversible. The changes that happen through periodontitis are mostly irreversible.

Unhelpfully, a lot of dental professionals globally use the words “gum disease,” so your condition (and how it has progressed) might be unclear.

Ultimately, the aim of managing any gum health condition is:

  1. To remove the trigger for the inflammation (plaque bacteria)
  2. Reduce your body’s sensitivity to the trigger.

That means: brush 110% perfectly with your Daily Self-Performed Care and switch off the inflammation in your gums.

If the condition has already progressed to periodontitis, breakdown of the gum foundations around your teeth will then halt.

However, it will not be cured, simply managed.

Re-inflammation can happen easily in a susceptible person, the fragile gum attachment can easily start to break down further again.

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