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Causes and Risks
Does Gum Disease Cause Stomach Issues?
27 May 2024

It's thought that gum disease can cause a range of stomach issues. Find out which ones and how you can prevent and control gum disease and stomach issues.

Causes and Risks
Does Gum Disease Cause Headaches?
29 April 2024

Gum disease can cause or exacerbate headaches and migraines through a variety of interconnected mechanisms. Find out how in this post.

Gum Health
The Stages of Gum Disease Explained
9 March 2024

Gum disease is a progressive disease and to make diagnosis, treatment and outcome prediction easier dentists give the disease and grade and a stage. Find out what the different stages of gum disease are.

Causes and Risks
The Link Between Obesity and Gum Disease
17 January 2024

Obesity is a risk factor for gum disease - discover how being overweight increases your risk of developing periodontal disease and how you can prevent both conditions

Causes and Risks
Gum Health
Can Stress Cause Gum Disease?
11 December 2023

Stress doesn't cause gum disease diurectly but it can make it more likley to develop and exacterbate it's progression.

Causes and Risks
Gum Health
Does Smoking Cause Gum Disease?
18 November 2023

Does smoking cause gum disease? Gum disease is caused by a combination of plaque bacteria and our bodies responce to it and smoking makes it more likely to happen.

Brushing & Flossing
Gum Health
Treatments & Products
Toothpaste: Can It Prevent and Cure Gum Disease? Which Is The Best For Gingivitis And Periodontitis?
8 November 2023

Can you cure gum disease with toothpaste. No, but it can help when used in combination with daily performed self care. Find out which is bets to use.

Gum Health
Can Gum Disease Cause Bad Breath?
17 October 2023

Gum disease is a major cause of bad breath. Find out why and what you can do about it.

Best Products For Gum Disease Treatment
3 October 2023

Take a look at the range of products available to treat gum disease, find out when they are used and which are most effective.

About Sharon

Sharon Fyles is a Manchester-based expert dental writer specialising in periodontal diseases and their treatment.

She has been researching and writing about all things periodontal for years and while not a dentist by profession (she worked for years as a higher biomedical scientist within the NHS), she has enriched her knowledge in the field of dentistry through various short courses.

These courses covered foundational dental anatomy, the origins and effects of oral diseases, the science and technology behind dental implants, and the integral connection between dentistry and general medicine. These short courses, combined with her passion for reading papers about gum diseases, inform her writing and insights on the subject.

Not only does she have book-learned knowledge of all things periodontal she was diagnosed with periodontitis 15 years ago. She’s experienced the fear, shame and advanced treatments and is glad to report that with daily performed self-care and a healthy lifestyle, her periodontal disease is very well controlled.

Her first-hand experience of periodontal disease supports her passion for periodontal education for all.