How Much Does Bone Grafting Cost?

bone grafting cost

Have you been told that you need a bone graft before dental implant surgery, to support dentures or a bridge? A major consideration in your decision to proceed with treatment may be the cost. So, how much does bone grafting cost?

The good news is that bone grafting is more affordable than many people think. Prices can start from as little as $200 and reach as high as $3500 plus in the USA. Many dental offices offer payment plans making it more affordable.

A number of factors affect how much bone grafting costs and this post highlights those factors and how they influence the price.

How To Find Out The Cost of Bone Grafting

The exact price of a bone graft can be determined after a consultation with a periodontist or oral surgeon. 

During a consultation, the periodontist will determine the degree of bone loss, how many areas require treatment and the type of procedure required. They’ll create a bespoke treatment plan and give you an accurate estimate of the costs. They will also discuss the benefits and risks of treatment. 

Factors Affecting How Much Bone & Gum Graft Treatment Costs

Whilst it’s not possible to give an exact price for treatment without consultation we can outline the factors affecting the price. The cost of bone grafting is influenced by a number of factors which include:

The Extent Of Gum Recession

The extent of work needed on a patient’s jawbone will ultimately influence the cost of a dental bone graft.  The cost increases as the number of areas needing treatment and the degree of bone loss increases.

Bone Material Used

There are many different materials that can be used for bone grafting. They can be divided into four categories.

  • Autograft: Uses bone taken from another area of your body (often the iliac crest of the hip). The donated bone comes from your body so the procedure is safe and highly effective. The downside is that you have multiple surgical sites. This is one of the most expensive procedures as the procedure requires hospitalization, an orthopedic surgeon and an anesthesiologist. These types of bone grafts incur costs between $2500 and $3500.
  • Allograft: Sterilised bone from a human cadaver is used for this procedure. Only one surgical site is required so it is a more affordable option. It is a safe procedure but there may be a greater risk of rejection.
  • Alloplast: Synthetic biocompatible material, usually made from the naturally occurring minerals calcium phosphate or hydroxyapatite. Synthetic material can fuse with human bone but is not as effective as other materials. 
  • Xenograft: Animal bone is used. It is often sourced from cows and is the most widely used bone grafting procedure. Animal bone has the advantage that it integrates with human bone with minimal complications. 

In general, human donor grafts are the most expensive followed by animal and synthetic materials. Autografts are the most expensive but may be worth the extra investment as they are the most successful procedure.

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Type of Procedure

As well as different materials there is a range of different grafting procedures available. These include

  • Socket grafts (sometimes called ridge preservation) – this is often carried out to preserve a socket at the time of tooth extraction. Once the tooth has been extracted the dentist inserts bone graft material to replace the tooth roots. This preserves the ridge and allows tooth replacement in the future. 
  • Minor Bone Augmentation: Used when there has been minimal bone loss. It can be performed at the same time as dental implants are fitted. 
  • Block bone grafts – This procedure is carried out when there has been a lot of bone deterioration. When the bone is thin and won’t provide a stable base for dental implants. It’s often used for long-term denture wearers where bone loss has occurred over a long time period.  
  • Sinus lifts – The bone is grafted between the upper jaw and the membrane of the sinuses that are closest to your molars (the back teeth). 

The procedure used influences the cost.  Generally speaking, a socket graft is the cheaper option followed by a sinus lift and block bone graft. 

Barrier Material Used

A material is placed to protect the grafted bone as it integrates with your jaw bone. Resorbable materials that dissolve are often used. If a non-resorbable material is used, additional surgery and costs will be incurred to remove the material. 

Other Factors

The cost of the procedure will also be affected by the experience and expertise of the periodontist, clinic, state or country you live in. 

What’s Included in the Cost of Bone Graft?

When you invest in dental bone grafting you’re paying for more than a small amount of bone placing in your jaw. You’re also paying for the experience and expertise of the periodontist or oral surgeon who creates your bespoke treatment plan. 

The costs are influenced by 

  • The periodontists‘ time and expertise
  • Other staff required such as dental nurses and anesthetists 
  • Anesthetic, sedation and any other required drugs
  • Barrier membrane used
  • Surgery operating costs
  • Bone material and sourcing
  • Any required pain relief and antibiotics post-surgery
  • Follow up care
  • Full mouth x-rays, CT scans, and other similar tests

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dental Insurance Pay for Bone & Gum Grafting? 

Bone grafting required in advance of dental implants is rarely covered by dental insurance as it’s seen as a cosmetic procedure. However, if deemed medically necessary a portion of the costs may be covered by your insurance policy. 

Are Financing Options Available?

Most periodontists offer payment plans so you can spread the cost over several months. Financing will vary between locations so you will need to clarify with your chosen surgeon if financing is available and the attached terms and conditions. 

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Bone Grafting?

If bone loss has occurred the only way to replace it is with a bone graft. If you have bone loss and your teeth are still in situ, a dentist may recommend they be extracted. 

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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that uses transplanted bone to repair and rebuild bone loss due to periodontal disease or tooth loss. An exact cost can’t be provided in this post as many factors such as the bone material and procedure used. You can get an exact cost from a periodontist.

You can prevent further bone loss from periodontal disease by developing and maintaining oral hygiene which is first class. This involves brushing the teeth twice a day and cleaning the interdental spaces with a dentist-designed Gum Pocket Brush.

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